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Shelton San "Well-behaved" CD
Label s/r
Release date 2011
Style Noise Rock
Country Eesti
Price: 9.99 EUR


1. Give birth to noise
2. In siege of fall
3. Well-behaved
4. To kill and give / Trapezed
5. Architect
6. Lie still, sleep becalmed
7. Neander
8. "Pretty vacant"


Shelton SanĀ“s sound might be described as a massive sonic wall, a blend of rationality and irrationality - screeching feedback, dissonant notes, indiscriminate vocals balancing across singing and screaming, combined with rock-solid drum and bass section, catchy guitar riffs and logical musical progression.

"Well-behaved" is Shelton SanĀ“s third outing, recorded live 18.07.2011.

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