Sol Invictus - Trees in Winter

Sol Invictus "Trees in Winter" Digipak CD

Label: Auerbach
Released: 1990/2011
Style: Neofolk
Country: United Kingdom


1. English Murder
2. Sawney Bean
3. Gold Is King
4. Media
5. Looking for Europe
6. Here We Stand
7. Michael
8. Deceit
9. Blood of Summer
10. Trees in Winter

11. Somewhere in Europe
12. Looking for Europe
13. See the Dove Fall (Early Demo, 1999 mix)

Length: 59:43


"Trees In Winter" has always been a highlight of every well-assorted Sol Invictus collection. The album hadn´t been available since its original release back in 1990 and saw a re-release in 2011. This new edition of "Trees In Winter" is limited to 700 copies, comes in a portrait-format Digipak with new artwork, and is complemented by three bonus tracks.


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