Thanatos - Undead. Unholy. Divine.

Thanatos "Undead. Unholy. Divine." CD

Label: Century Media
Released: 2004/2014
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
Country: Holland


1. Lambs To The Slaughter
2. Undead. Unholy. Divine.
3. Eraser
4. Beyond Terror
5. The Sign Of Sadako
6. Servants Of Hatred
7. Devour The Living
8. Godforsaken
9. The Suffering
10. The Sweet Suffering

11. The Burning Of Sodom (Dark Angel cover)
12. And Jesus Wept

Length: 38:49 + bonus


Originally released in 2004, Dutch death metal legend THANATOS´ fourth opus offers blistering death metal with neck breaking thrash elements

Remastered by Dan Swanö and expanded with improved layouts, liner notes and bonus tracks. Limited black disc edition.


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