Taak - Supersargasso

Taak "Supersargasso" CD

Label: Taak
Released: 2016
Style: Hukurock
Country: Estonia


1. Õrjetu Jaak (Kristjan Virma / Mart Kalvet)
2. Viimane Õhtu Bela Lugosiga (Kristjan Virma / Mart Kalvet)
3. Vaene juut (Kristjan Virma / Kersti Merilaas)
4. Haiguste Ravi (Kristjan Virma / Ülo Kiple)
5. Mu aadress on Supersargasso (Kristjan Virma / Mart Kalvet)
6. Eesti sült ja Eesti Muda (Kristjan Virma / Kaarel Kressa)
7. Mu hambaid kuulatakse pealt (Urmas Jõgi / Mart Kalvet)
8. Tagasi Eenokisse (Kristjan Virma / Mart Kalvet)
9. Niikuinii (Kristjan Virma / Mart Kalvet)

Length: 50 min.


Taak´s fourth full-length album "Supersargasso", continues on the trajectory chiseled by "Rist viletsuse teel" (The Cross on Misery´s Way) four years ago. More meditative and multifaceted, but still brimming with haunting riffs and pointed wit, Taak dive into the tumultous waters of the zeitgeist, tickle the dark underbelly of the human nature and sacrifice the dead on the altar of powerful shadows from the bygone days. "Supersargasso" is a nodal point for old schoold Estonian dark rock, horror aesthetics and self-contemplative elegies, a stepping-stone from a dark past into an unknowable future.

"Õrjetu Jaak":

"Eesti sült ja Eesti muda":


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