Twilight Force - Heroes Of Mighty Magic

Twilight Force "Heroes Of Mighty Magic" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2016
Style: Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Battle of Arcane Might
2. Powerwind
3. Guardian of the Seas
4. Flight of the Saphire Dragon
5. There and Back Again
6. Riders of the Dawn
7. Keepers of Fate
8. Rise of a Hero
9. To the Stars
10. Heroes of Mighty Magic
11. Epilogue
12. Knights of Twilight´s Might

Length: 01:10:16


Hailing from Falun, these six brave Swedes from TWILIGHT FORCE now prove with their second album "Heroes Of Mighty Magic", that epic metal doesn´t necessarily need tanks a la their town mates Sabaton and can also be played with a bow and arrow.


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