Therion - Symphony Masses: ho Drakon ho Megas

Therion "Symphony Masses: ho Drakon ho Megas" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 1993/2000
Style: Death Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Baal Reginon
2. Dark Princess Naamah
3. A Black Rose (Covered with Tears, Blood and Ice)
4. Symphoni Drakonis Inferni
5. Dawn of Perishness
6. The Eye of Eclipse
7. The Ritualdance of the Yezidis
8. Powerdance
9. Procreation of Eternity
10. Ho Drakon Ho Megas (Act 1: The Dragon Throne)
11. Ho Drakon Ho Megas (Act 2: Fire and Ecstasy

Length: 37:49


The third full-length album by Therion re-issued with new packaging. Old-school Swedish death Metal with oriental melodic influences, foreshadowing the future creation of Therion.


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