Temnozor - Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights

Temnozor "Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights" CD

Label: Blackstone
Released: 2005
Style: Pagan/Folk/Black Metal
Country: Russia


1. Folkstorm of the Azure Nights
2. Vranakrik [MySpace]
3. When the Lazure Skies Tear the Hearts Apart
4. Watch The Falcon Fly
5. As the Autumn Razor sing above my Veins
6. Arkona
7. Tell me, ye Scarlet Dewscented Sunrises

Length: 44:40


Third full-length album of the most well-known Russian pagan metal band. A vast soundscape woven from the indepth roots of heathen world view, from endless russian woods and obscurity of the ancient burial mounds, where the coldness of black metal is blended with the ornaments of folk music, autumnal melancholy of witching acoustic guitars and clean scaldic singing.



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