Thy Infernal - Warlords Of Hell

Thy Infernal "Warlords Of Hell" CD

Label: Moribund / Napalm
Released: 2001
Style: Black Metal
Country: USA


1. Armageddon
2. Rotting In Hell
3. Wolfstorm
4. Dark Wings Unfurl
5. Immortal Satanic Spirit
6. Night Of The Full Moon
7. Warlords Of Hell
8. Lord of the Abyss

Length: 50:20


Totally blasphemous black metal from start to finish. Thy Infernal play their art in the vein of bands like Belphegor, Dark Funeral or Marduk, but with underground-spirit. The European version of the CD comes with an additional track "Lord Of The Abyss".


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