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Thorns / Emperor "Thorns / Emperor" Split CD
Label Peaceville
Release date 1999/2011
Style Black Metal
Country Norra
Price: 8.99 EUR


1. Exordium (Emperor)
2. Aerie Descent (Thorns)
3. I Am (Emperor)
4. Aerie Descent (Emperor)
5. Thus March the Nightspirit (Emperor)
6. Melas Khole (Thorns)
7. The Discipline of Earth (Thorns)
8. Cosmic Keys (Thorns)

Bonus tracks:
9. Thorns feat. Fenriz and Satyr - You That Mingle May
10. Thorns - The Discipline of Earth (pre-production mix)
11. Thorns - Ærie Descent (pre-production mix)

Length: 48:47

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Thorns / Emperor 'Thorns / Emperor'
"Thorns / Emperor"
20.99 EUR

Essential Norwegian Black Metal from two distinguished Nordic pioneers!

The Thorns part features reworked and re-recorded versions of cult demo tracks which were given a new, clean and powerful lease of life with the razor sharp and chilling riffs.

Emperor show their wizardry with classical, industrial and electronic renditions of their own and Thorns material; a highlight of which is a stellar metallic cover of the Thorns classic "Ærie Descent".

This edition includes 3 bonus tracks. Full lyrics for the Thorns songs are also included on this release for the first time.

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