Taak - Koerapööriöö

Taak "Koerapööriöö" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2006
Style: Doom Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Korjusepäev
2. Merevaik
3. Õiglane Jaak [MP3]
4. Punane Madu
5. Tähist ja tolmust
6. Habemega nali
7. Trots [MP3]
8. Öö
9. Ööliblikas
10. Hüljatu
11. Poeg on pätt

Length: 45:44


Although the multi-meaningful title might led one to believe otherwise, depression, mysticism and hallucinogens cover only a small portion of the themes on Taak´s debut album "Koerapööriöö". Morose yet rocking ugri-doom is firmly rooted in the Estonian underground metal of the 80s, combining ironically lyrical poetry with Sabbathesque riff-crushing, soulful guitar solos and haunting vocals. "Koerapööriöö" is a spirit-refreshing eulogy to the toughness and healthy pessimism of the Hyperborean people.


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