Threat Signal - Under Reprisal

Threat Signal "Under Reprisal" Slipcase CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2006
Style: Metalcore/Death Metal
Country: Canada


1. Rational Eyes
2. As I Destruct
3. One Last Breath
4. Seeing Red
5. A New Beginning
6. Counterbalance
7. Inane
8. Now
9. Faceless
10. Haunting
11. When All Is Said And Done

Length: 47:01


The debut album of a Canadian band Threat Signal may easily be the merger of the two bands, "Demanufacture"-era Fear Factory and "Chaosphere"-era Meshuggah, adding from their own part metalcore and melodic death metal influences. Produced by Fear Factory´s Christian Olde Wolbers.


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