Thundra - Worshipped By Chaos

Thundra "Worshipped By Chaos" Digipak CD

Label: Black Lotus
Released: 2006
Style: Viking/Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. On Thorns
2. Feelings Lost
3. Hatred Declared
4. Silent Voice
5. At Autumn´s Fall
6. Shattered Senses
7. Symphony of Anguish
8. The Existing Darkness
9. Worshipped by Chaos

Length: 57:57


Thundra is known as the viking metal band that was formed by Harald Helgeson (ex-Enslaved) and Stein Sund (ex-Einherjer) in 1997. In 2006, Thundra finally released their second full-length album "Worshipped By Chaos". The album is a different sort of beast when compered to their debut "Blood Of Your Soul", being darker, more complex and extreme with a killer sound.


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