Throneum - Mutiny Of Death

Throneum "Mutiny Of Death" CD

Label: Pagan
Released: 2004
Style: Old-School Death Metal
Country: Poland


1. The Great Executor
2. Freedom With Fires of Hell
3. Pure Total Death
4. Goat Archangels of Lust
5. From Belial
6. Worship From Chaos
7. Hell-Leprous-Slaughter-Reign
8. New Nightmare Plague Has Born
9. Gravedancer
10. Black Souls´ Crucifixion
11. Streams of Ancient Wisdom
12. Funeral

Length: 31:11


Throneum play blackened, nightmarish death metal in the ways of old, heavily influenced by early extreme metal bands from the 80´s and 90´s like Asphyx, Venom, Possessed and Hellhammer, yet sounding ultimately fresh. "Mutiny Of Death" is Throneum´s second full-length album, released in 2004.


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