Townsend, Devin - Physicist

Townsend, Devin "Physicist" CD

Label: Inside Out
Released: 2000/2010
Style: Progressive/Industrial Metal
Country: Canada


1. Namaste
2. Victim
3. Material
4. Kingdom
5. Death
6. Devoid
7. The Complex
8. Irish Maiden
9. Jupiter
10. Planet Rain

Length: 46:35


Of all the album´s in the Devin´s solo career, "Physicist" is undeniably the "dark horse" - often deemed too Strapping Young Lad for fans of Devin´s solo material and vice versa. Indeed, "Physicist" sounds very much like Strapping Young Lad meets Devin´s "Ocean Machine: Biomech" and "Infinity" era.


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