Thorns - Thorns

Thorns "Thorns" CD

Label: Peaceville
Released: 2001/2011
Style: Experimental Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Existence
2. World Playground Deceit
3. Shifting Channels
4. Stellar Master Elite
5. Underneath The Universe - Part I
6. Underneath The Universe - Part II
7. Interface To God
8. Vortex

Bonus tracks (from Demo 2000):
9. TSoS
10. Existence

"Vortex" video

Length: 48:03


Formed in 1989 by Snorre Ruch aka Blackthorn, Norwegian band Thorns inspired a great number of bands such as Mayhem, Dissection and Emperor, mainly due to highly influential style of guitar riffing.

"Thorns" was the band’s debut full-length, released in 2001 by Moonfog. A highly-individual Norwegian black metal, including experimental/industrial influences along with synth passages to create a chilling yet clinical slice of extremity. The album features Satyr (Satyricon) and Aldrahn (ex-Dodheimsgard) sharing vocal duties and Hellhammer (Mayhem) on drums.

This new edition of "Thorns" contains 2 bonus tracks from the band’s 2000 demo, and the rare video clip for the track "Vortex", made by Halvor Bodin.


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