Temnozor - Sorcery of Fragments

Temnozor "Sorcery of Fragments" CD

Label: Stellar Winter
Released: 2003
Style: Folk/Pagan Metal
Country: Russia


"Sorcery is Strenghtening the Black Glory of Rus" (1998)
1. Sorcery is Strenghtening the Black Glory of Rus´ (intro)
2. Be Oden Narod Slavensk
3. Did-Dub-Snop
4. Wintry Reveries
5. Maslenitza
6. Glorification of the Fallen
7. The Prince of the Sacred Silence
8. "...In the Crowns of ancient Oaks..."
9. From the melted snows thou shalt ask our names...

"Fragments" (2001)
10. Silvery Waters
11. Pagan Sunrises - The Faith of Fire
12. Shine, Fire in the Night
13. As a Fragment of the Unseen Mysteries
14. The Snow and the Steel (outro)

Length: 01:09:42


Folk/black metal with acoustic guitars, flutes, clean vocals. Includes Temnozor´s debut demo-album "Sorcery is Strengthening the Black Glory of Russia" and "Fragments" demo-MCD.


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