Temnozor - Horizons...

Temnozor "Horizons..." CD

Label: Stellar Winter
Released: 2003/2004
Style: Folk/Black Metal
Country: Russia


1. I Ehom Slavi, I Drevnih Klyatv
2. Werewolf
3. White Thunder Roars
4. Shto Shepch´ut Kurgani, Zarnitsam Rassveta
5. Gorizont Vesni
6. Ledyanoy Prostor
7. Fatherland
8. Gorizonti

Length: 49:01


Russian Temnozor´s second full-length basically combines all the elements the band is famous for - mighty clean singing, offensive roar, powerful guitar riffing attacks and ancient slawonic folk melodies, performed on the authentical instruments.


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