To Separate The Flesh From The Bones - Utopia Sadistica

To Separate The Flesh From The Bones "Utopia Sadistica" CD

Label: Spikefarm
Released: 2004
Style: Death Metal/Goregrind
Country: Finland


1. Meatbash
2. Cold Cuts
3. Rotten Siege
4. The Final Extinction
5. Preternatural Pervert
6. Meretricious Murderess
7. Disconsolated Suffer
8. Pussyfer
9. Amputated Whore
10. Conflagration
11. Absolute Holocaust
12. Mass Of Vipers
13. Brain Drain Faucet
14. The Rot
15. Art Of Aggression
16. The Spoon
17. Bare Your Wounds For Me
18. Reek Of Excrete
19. The Revolt
20. Mutilated Virgin Slut
21. Profanity
22. Drowned In Semen
23. The Manticore
24. Drunk & Nauseous
25. Condition Dead

Length: 27:23


An intriguing slab of aggressive grind that whizzes by at a lightning pace. To Separate The Bones From The Flesh is a Finnish death-metal/gore-grind supergroup featuring Pasi Koskinen (ex-Amorphis, Shape Of Despair) on vocals and guitars, Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis) on bass and Mika Karppinen (HIM) on drums. The album features also guest appearances by Jeff Walker (Carcass) and Lee Dorrian (Cathedral).


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