Taak - Läbi halli kivi

Taak "Läbi halli kivi" CD

Label: Nailboard
Released: 2008
Style: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: Estonia


1. Lahkuja kustutab tule
2. Halva õnne koorem
3. Palvevennad
4. Läbi halli kivi
5. Ahvide planeet
6. Kosmose piiritus
7. Tuhandeaastane uni
8. Roe [MP3]
9. Sigade paradiis
10. Lõpu algus

Length: 52:59



The saying "estonian´s best meal is another estonian" keeps you haunted always after you have listened to Taak. Those who enjoyed that grudge and a lust for gloating on Taak´s last album "Koerapööriöö", will definitely fall in love with "Läbi halli kivi", for Taak have forged another portion of ugri-doom-metal full of psychedely and hard rock riffs.


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