Tyr - How Far To Asgaard

Tyr "How Far To Asgaard" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2002/2008
Style: Progressive/Folk/Viking Metal
Country: Faroe Islands


1. Hail To The Hammer
2. Excavation
3. The Rune
4. Ten Wild Dogs
5. God Of War
6. Sand in the Wind
7. Ormurin Langi
8. How Far to Asgaard

Bonus tracks:
9. Olavur Riddararos
10. Styrisvolurin

Length: 01:18:00


Out of print for many years, Tyr´s early creation is almost as secretive as the band´s homeland, the Faeroe Islands. Yet fans of Tyr will finally be able to also embrace their early works. This re-release "How Far to Asgaard" comprises not only the debut album, but also the single "Ólavur Riddararós" (2002).


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