Twisted Sister - The Best Of...

Twisted Sister "The Best Of..." CD

Label: Demolition
Released: 2005
Style: Heavy Metal/Glam Rock
Country: USA


1. Under the Blade
2. Destroyer
3. What You Don´t Know
4. Shoot ´em Down
5. You Can´t Stop Rock & Roll
6. I Am (I´m Me)
7. The Kids Are Back
8. Stay Hungry
9. We´re Not Gonna Take It
10. I Wanna Rock
11. The Price
12. Come Out And Play
13. Love Is For Suckers
14. Never Say Never
15. The Fire Still Burns (Video)

Length: 56:41


As the product of early seventies´ New York City glam rock scene, Twisted Sister were eager students of the New York Dolls, with the theatrics of Kiss, the shock rock of Alice Cooper and the heaviness of NWOFBHM thrown in for good measure.

14 classic Twisted Sister anthems on one CD, plus "The Fire Still Burns" video.


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