Twisted Sister - You Can´t Stop Rock´N´Roll

Twisted Sister "You Can´t Stop Rock´N´Roll" CD

Label: Demolition
Released: 1983/2006
Style: Heavy Metal/Glam Rock
Country: USA


1. The Kids Are Back
2. Like A Knife in the Back
3. Ride To Live, Live To Ride
4. I Am (I´m Me)
5. The Power and the Glory
6. We´re Gonna Make It
7. I´ve Had Enough
8. I´ll Take You Alive
9. You´re Not Alone (Suzette´s Song)
10. You Can´t Stop Rock n´ Roll

Bonus tracks:
11. Feel the Power
12. Four Barrel Heart of Love
13. One Man Woman

Length: 47:00


As the product of early seventies´ New York City glam rock scene, Twisted Sister were eager students of the New York Dolls, with the theatrics of Kiss, the shock rock of Alice Cooper and the heaviness of NWOFBHM thrown in for good measure.

The second album of the band, now digitally remastered. Reissued in 2006 by Demolition Records with three bonus tracks taken from the "You Can´t Stop Rock ´N´ Roll" single.


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