Trelldom - Til Et Annet...

Trelldom "Til Et Annet..." CD

Label: Hammerheart
Released: 1998/2013
Style: Black Metal
Country: Norway


1. Vender Meg Mot Ett Kommende
2. Slave Til En Kommende Natt
3. Min Dod Til Ende
4. Til Et Annet...
5. Til Is Skal Eg Forbli
6. Svinfylking – Til Krig
7. Hoyt Opp i Dypet
8. Sonar Dreyri

Length: 44:44


Trelldom (led by infamous Gaahl) is one of those elite bands in Norwegian black metal scene who for some reason have not gained attention they should deserve. "Til Et Annet..." was the second output from the band and was released in 1998. This is black-metal in it´s truest sense - cold, furious, folk-tinged and full of hate!


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