Terra Firma - Terra Firma

Terra Firma "Terra Firma" CD

Label: The Music Cartel
Released: 1999
Style: Stoner Metal
Country: Sweden


1. Rainbow Ride
2. Goatburn
3. Good Stuff
4. ...and the 8th Seal Was Hers
5. Seperate Graves
6. Spiral Guru
7. Fifth Wheel
8. Nimbus
9. Troll Formula
10. Altered Beast

Length: 40:12


Formed in 1998 as a side project by longtime Unleashed guitarist Fredrik Lindgren, Terra Firma is a classic, up-tempo stoner/doom metal group with base in Stockholm, Sweden. Also featuring bassist Nico Moosebeach, drummer Izmo Ledderfejs and singer Lord Chritus of Count Raven and Lord Vicar fame.


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