Trower, Robin - What Lies Beneath

Trower, Robin "What Lies Beneath" CD

Label: V12
Released: 2009
Style: Blues Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Wish you were mine
2. What lies beneath
3. As you watch each city fall (part 1)
4. As you watch each city fall (part 2)
5. Freefall
6. Once the spell is broken
7. Sleeping on the moon
8. Time and emotion
9. Skin and bone
10. Buffalo blues
11. Find a place

Length: 42:21


2009 studio album from the British guitar legend - "What Lies Beneath may easily be looked at as the summation of Trower´s long career. The album was recorded in an intimate studio together with the producer and bass player Livingston Brown. The package includes a day-by-day diary of the creation and recording of the CD.


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