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Tarot "Live - Undead Indeed" CD/DVD
Label Nuclear Blast
Release date 2008
Style Heavy Metal
Country Soome
Price: 15.49 EUR


1. Crows Fly Black
2. Traitor [MySpace]
3. Pyre Of Gods
4. Tides
5. Bleeding Dust
6. Angels Of Pain
7. Follow Me Into Madness
8. Before The Skies Come Down
9. Ashes To The Stars
10. Undead Son
11. You
12. Crawlspace
13. Rider Of The Last Day
14. I Rule

DVD: (approx. 120 min.)
1. Crows Fly Black
2. Traitor
3. Pyre Of Gods
4. Wings Of Darkness
5. Back In The Fire
6. Tides
7. Bleeding Dust
8. Veteran Of Psychic Wars
9. Angels Of Pain
10. Warhead
11. Follow Me Into Madness
12. Before The Skies Come Down
13. Ashes To The Stars
14. Undead Son
15. You
16. Crawlspace
17. Guitar Solo
18. Rider Of The Last Day
19. I Rule

Length: 01:14:00/02:00:00

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Absolutely beautiful sounding and beautiful looking show from this long-running Finnish legend. More than three hours for all senses - finnish heavy metal at its very best! The recorded concert took place in Rupla Club, Kuopio, Finland on the 17th of August 2007.

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