These Are They - Who Linger

These Are They "Who Linger" CD

Label: The End
Released: 2009
Style: Death Metal
Country: USA


1. Ascension
2. When the Voices Sound Deadly
3. Upon the Doors of Oblivion
4. In the Halls of Waverly
5. Blood Vengeance
6. Eclipse Abysmal
7. The Indweller
8. The Midnight Hour
9. Resurrection in White
10. 4th of July (Soundgarden cover)



2008. aastal Chicagos kokku tulnud These Are They kütab teha vihast vanakooli death-metalit, mõjutustega Bolt Throwerilt, Obituarylt ja Entombedilt. Eripära lisab tõik, et bändi taga seisab USA doomi-hiiu November´s Doomi ninamees Paul Kuhr.


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