Thou Shell Of Death & Wedard - Split

Thou Shell Of Death & Wedard "Split" CD / Wooden box

Label: Black Magic
Released: 2011
Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Estonia/Germany


I What we left behind (Sample)
II My lonely friend – The endless Sky
III Helion (remastered)

Thou Shell of Death:
IV A Ghost and a Dream (Sample)
V A Burden of Desire

Length: 42:29


A split album by Estonian atmospheric black-metallers Thou Shell Of Death and German one-man depressive black metal band Wedard.

All the material by both bands is exclusive to this release. The CD comes housed in a solid hand-made wooden box, limited to 160 copies.

Thou Shell Of Death contributes with two lenghty compositions, conceptually following the three older songs released on "The Forest Of Shadows" demo.


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