Thunderkraft - Totentanz

Thunderkraft "Totentanz" CD

Label: Svarga Music
Released: 2012
Style: Industrial/Death/Groove Metal
Country: Ukraine


1. Nastane chas [A Time Will Come]
2. Defekt mass [Mass Defect]
3. Totentanz [Dance of the Dead]
4. Smert ne roz´jednaje nas [Death Won´t Separate Us]
5. Svit maibutnogo [The Future World]
6. Smjataja povest [A Crumpled Story]
7. De son l´e vologoju z viy [Where the Dream Flows as Moisture from Eyelashes]
8. Navstrechu novoi zare [Towards a New Dawn]
9. Tvorets zhittja [The Creator of Life]

Length: 51:15


A weird and experimental mixture of industrial music and death metal, with punishing grooves mixed with a great deal of atmospheric and electronic elements. Thunderkraft aren’t afraid of sounding like Rammstein, modern day Samael or Fear Factory, all blended.


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