Three-Headed Dog - Hound Of Hades

Three-Headed Dog "Hound Of Hades" CD

Label: Audio Archives
Released: 1973/2006
Style: Prog/Hard Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Slick Solution
2. Cerberus
3. Butterfly
4. Gone Blue
5. Just Gotta Play
6. 25 or 6 to 4

7. Stallion - All of the While
8. Khayyam - Eternal Prison
9. Khayyam - Collusion
10. Zella Studios Acetate - Mystery track



Previously unreleased early 70s underground hard progressive rock masters unearthed from the infamous Birmingham rock scene. Three-Headed Dog were among the lesser known and more obscure acts playing the circuit which included others like Iron Claw, Necromandus and Flying Hat Band. Their sound being compared to early Priest, Wishbone Ash and Wild Turkey.


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