Tukkanuotta - Poika ja Pilves

Tukkanuotta "Poika ja Pilves" MCD

Label: Stay Heavy
Released: 2014
Style: Death Metal
Country: Finland


1. Bodomlärvi
2. Trippijuhlat
3. Isältä ojalle
4. Hihatalkoot (Hihatonttu)
5. Nokkabilly Blues



Tukkanuotta annihilates mercilessly its way through the acute and unfriendly grinding death metal songs, paying tribute to the army-jacket wearing longhaired fucks and metal masterminds of yesteryears. No panty wetting choruses or ice hockey theme songs. Tukkanuotta is all about worn out Napalm Death t-shirts, shitty quality Suffocation c-cassetes and killing hangovers.


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