Ulsect - Ulsect

Ulsect "Ulsect" Digipak CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2017
Style: Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal
Country: Holland


1. Fall to Depravity
2. Our Trivial Toil
3. Diminish
4. Moirae
5. Unveil
6. An Augury
7. The Endling
8. Maunder

Length: 42:38


ULSECT feature musicians from DODECAHEDRON as well as former TEXTURES bass-player Dennis Aarts. It therefore hardly comes as a surprise that elements of their origins have permeated into ULSECT´s eponymous debut album. The primeval forces unleashed by pioneers such as GORGUTS and DEATHSPELL OMEGA are violently harnessed to serve a sinister musical purpose.

Digipak edition limited to first CD pressing.


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