Ulver - Svidd Neger

Ulver "Svidd Neger" CD

Label: Jester
Released: 2003
Style: Electronic/Avantgarde
Country: Norway


1. Preface
2. Ante Andante
3. Comedown
4. Surface
5. Somnam
6. Wildcat
7. Rock Massif pt. 1
8. Rock Massif pt. 2
9. Poltermagda
10. Mummy
11. Burn The Bitch
12. Sick Soliloquy
13. Waltz of King Karl
14. Sadface
15. Fuck Fast
16. Wheel of Conclusion

Length: 32:39


The soundtrack to the film "Svidd Neger" is definitely one of the most dark and somber Ulver´s works of art, with enough variation and dark soundscapes, lonely piano melodies and ethereal strings. Another masterpiece added to the catalog of one of the most interesting and continually evolving bands nowadays.


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