Unearth - The March (Ltd.)

Unearth "The March (Ltd.)" Digibook CD/DVD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2008/2009
Style: Melodic Metalcore
Country: USA


1. My Will Be Done [MySpace]
2. Hail the Shrine
3. Crow Killer
4. Grave of Opportunity
5. We Are Not Anonymous
6. The March
7. Cutman
8. The Chosen
9. Letting Go
10. Truth or Consequence

- The Three Day March (documentary)
- Gig Life (footage)
- behind-the-scenes footage
- three video clips



Meloodilist metalcore´i oma ala meistrite esituses! Unearthi 2008. aasta kauamängiva aasta hilisem luksuslik digibook-uusväljaanne sisaldab boonus-DVDd ohtra lisamaterjaliga.


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