Ulver - Messe I.X - VI.X

Ulver "Messe I.X - VI.X" Digisleeve CD

Label: K-Scope
Released: 2013
Style: Ambient/Classical/Electronica
Country: Norway


1. As Syrians Pour In, Lebanon Grapples With Ghosts Of A Bloody Past
2. Shri Schneider
3. Glamour Box (ostinati)
4. Son Of Man
5. Noche Oscura Del Alma
6. Mother Of Mercy

Length: 44:44


Composed for and recorded with the Tromso Chamber Orchestra, "Messe I.X-VI.X" is the brooding new electro-classical crossover release from Ulver. A fitting testament to the incredible evolution of Ulver over its two decade existence, "Messe I.X-VI.X" is a gloriously ambitious and atmospheric follow up to 2011´s acclaimed "Wars Of The Roses", taking in Ambient/Electronica, Contemporary Classical and Avant-Rock influences.

This limited edition of the album is presented in "mini-LP" style packaging with an 8 page poster book.


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