Uhrilehto - Vitutus Millennium

Uhrilehto "Vitutus Millennium" CD

Label: Schwarzdorn
Released: 2003
Style: Black Metal
Country: Finland


1. History Has Its Scars
2. Not Of This Bastard World
3. Aliencity Of Deprivement
4. Scapegoats And Ragdolls
5. Thorns Of A Requiem Below
6. Profane Deathwish Apocalypse
7. Damnated Grace Of Life
8. Rapture In Despair
9. Suicide At The Cemetary
10. Vitutus Millennium
11. Through The Years Of Bitterness



Atmosfäärne ja meloodiline dark/black-metal Soome metsade vahelt. Uhrilehto teine stuudioalbum, aastanumbriga 2003.


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