Beyond The Sixth Seal - The Resurrection Of Everything Tough

Beyond The Sixth Seal "The Resurrection Of Everything Tough" CD

Label: Metal Blade
Released: 2007
Style: Melodic Death/Heavy Metal
Country: USA


1. Nothing To Prove
2. My Terrifying Ally
3. I Die At 35
4. Reverly
5. Stricken
6. The Twisted Ladder
7. Feral Dreamer
8. The Law You Have Sworn
9. Forward Thinking
10. Yawning Of The Gale
11. Everything Though
12. Blood Of A Ghost
13. Monument

Length: 55:55


While the music obviously derives most of its inspiration from classic Heavy Metal there are also some obvious Melodic Death Metal roots in the background and the vocals, well, they’re just pure Death at its finest.


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