Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink

Caravan "In the Land of Grey and Pink" CD

Label: Decca
Released: 1971/2001
Style: Progressive Rock
Country: United Kingdom


1. Golf girl
2. Winter wine
3. Love to love you (and tonight pigs will fly)
4. In the land of grey and pink
5. Nine feet underground:
- Nigel blows a tune
- Love´s a friend
- Make it 76
- Dance of the seven paper hankies
- Hold grandad by the nose
- Honest I did!
- Disassociation
- 100% proof

Bonus tracks:
6. I Don´t Know Its Name
7. Aristocracy
8. It´s Likely To Have A Name Next Week
9. Group Girl
10. Disassociation / 100% Proof

Length: 43:23 + bonus


Along with Soft Machine, Caravan were a leading exponent of what became known as "the Canterbury sound" - a concoction of styles including jazz, classical and traditional English influences. "In the Land of Grey and Pink" is considered by many to be the pinnacle release from Caravan.


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