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Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, The "The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown" CD
Label Polydor
Release date 1968/1991
Style Psychedelic/Progressive Rock
Country Suurbritannia
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1. Prelude / Nightmare (mono)
2. Fanfare / Fire Poem (mono)
3. Fire (mono)
4. Come and Buy (mono)
5. Time / Confusion(mono)
6. Prelude / Nightmare
7. Fanfare / Fire Poem
8. Fire
9. Come and Buy
10. Time / Confusion
11. I Put a Spell on You
12. Spontaneous Apple Creation
13. Rest Cure
14. I´ve Got Money
15. Child of My Kingdom

Length: 57:56

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A psychedelic debut album by Arthur Brown and his band The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, produced by the Who´s Pete Townshend and Kit Lambert. Considered a classic of the late-1960s psychedelic scene and a significant influence on progressive rock.

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