VSP Projekt - VSP Projekt

VSP Projekt "VSP Projekt" CD

Label: VSP
Released: 1989/1996
Style: Fusion/Jazz Rock
Country: Estonia


1. Mees Sarvega
2. Oktoober, Oktoober
3. Tuulepealne
4. Mäluäng
5. Hilineja
6. Kuulaps



Fusion-jazz-rock trio VSP Projekt was formed in 1986 by Riho Sibul, Raul Vaigla and Aare Põder. Sibul´s beautiful solo song "Kuulaps" (Moonchild) became extremely famous in Estonia and is well-known even today. The band released their only full-length in 1989 on vinyl and it was repressed on CD in 1996.

Recorded and produced by Sven Grünberg.


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