Venomous Concept - Kick Me Silly VCIII

Venomous Concept "Kick Me Silly VCIII" CD

Label: Season Of Mist
Released: 2016
Style: Hardcore/Grindcore/Punk
Country: USA / UK


1. Rise
2. Bust You with Debt
3. Anthem
4. The Potters Ground
5. Human Waste
6. Leper Dog
7. Farm Boy
8. Head on a Stick
9. Pretend
10. Johnny Cheeseburger
11. Forever War
12. Good Times
13. Pretty on the Inside
14. Holiday in Switzerland
15. Fucked in the Czech Repub
16. Neck Tie
17. Frontal Lobe Disorder
18. Daycare
19. Quazimodo
20. Burning Fatigue
21. Rocket Science (extended version)



Venoumous Concept on Chicagos pesitsev supergrupp, mille ridades kütavad vihast ja kiiret grindisegust hardcore/punki teha sellised mehed nagu Kevin Sharp, Shane Embury, Danny Herrera ja Danny Lilker (ehk sisuliselt on tegu Brutal Truthi ja Napalm Deathi härraste-legendide vallatu kõrvalhüppega).


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