Volbeat - Seal The Deal & Let´s Boogie (Limited Fan Edition)

Volbeat "Seal The Deal & Let´s Boogie (Limited Fan Edition)" 2CD Box

Label: Universal
Released: 2016
Style: Rock´n´Roll/Groove
Country: Denmark


1. The Devil´s Bleeding Crown
2. Marie Laveau
3. The Bliss
4. The Gates of Babylon
5. Let It Burn
6. Black Rose
7. Rebound
8. Mary Jane Kelly
9. Goodbye Forever
10. Seal The Deal
11. Battleship Chains
12. You Will Know
13. The Loa´s Crossroad

Bonus CD:
1. Slaytan
2. The Bliss
3. Black Rose
4. The Devil´s Bleeding Crown (Live)



A combination of hard-hitting metallic rock’n’roll with a touch of the ´60-s melodic tunes and Elvis.

"Seal The Deal..." is band´s sixth album, a classic VOLBEAT through and through.

Limited Fanbox Edition including the Deluxe CD, a Poster and a Patch.


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