Val Tvoar - In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell

Val Tvoar "In Light You Believe... But In Darkness You Dwell" CD

Label: Heliaed
Released: 2016
Style: Hard Rock
Country: Estonia


In Light You Believe EP:
1. Mental of Instru
2. The Wizard Named GoodBad
3. There´s No Tomorrow
4. Mind Reader, The Shadow
5. The Last Dance

...But In Darkness You Dwell EP:
6. I Am You
7. Three Shovels Of Dirt
8. The Night When Everything Went Wrong And You Shot Me Down
9. Dark Side Of Mine
10. Reborncycle

Into The Unknown EP:
11. Into The Unknown
12. The Best Of You
13. If I Will Be Yours, Will You Be Mine?
14. Home City



Debüüt-sooloalbum Eesti raskerokimaestrolt Tarvo Valmilt (tuntud varasemast ka Soul Throweri ja Human Groundi asutajana).


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