Visions Of Atlantis - Cast Away

Visions Of Atlantis "Cast Away" CD

Label: Napalm
Released: 2004
Style: Melodic/Symphonic Power Metal
Country: Austria


1. Send Me a Light
2. Cast Away
3. Lost
4. Realm Of Fantasy
5. Pharaoh´s Repentance
6. Winternight
7. State Of Suspence
8. Lemuria
9. Last Shut Of Your Eyes

Length: 43:15


With their third full-length album the Austrian sextet takes symphonic power metal to a new level, combining male and female with great success. By masterfully merging their classic roots with powerful modern elements, Visions Of Atlantis deliver an album that is essentially recommended to fans of Nightwish, Edenbridge ja Evanescence.


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