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Vintersorg "Solens Rötter" CD
Label Napalm
Release date 2007
Style Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Country Rootsi
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Döpt i en Jökelsjö [MySpace]
2. Perfektionisten
3. Spirar Och Gror
4. Kosmosaik
5. Idétemplet
6. Naturens Mystär
7. Att Bygga En Ruin
8. Strålar
9. Från Materia Till Ande
10. Vad Aftonvindens Andning Viskar

Length: 52:53

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With "Solens Rötter" (meaning "The Origin of the Sun"), Vintersorg returns to its roots of traditional Nordic soundscapes, strengthening them with elements of modern progressive metal. An intriguing symbiosis of hymn-like epics, cold black metal, and Nordic folk-music, crowned by Vintersorg´s impressive vocal performance.

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