V.E.G.A. - Cocaine

V.E.G.A. "Cocaine" CD

Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Released: 2002/2006
Style: Black Metal
Country: Italy


1. Lilja...
2. Insex Infect
3. Perspectives
4. Beton.1
5. Burning In My Own Dream Of Life
6. Consumed Seclusion
7. Beton.2
8. Kill Me
9. Marching Off...
10. Vacuum Era Gelid Atmosphere

Length: 58:00


"Cocaine" is pure mental sickness... an unconscious travel into your own sick self. The music of (V.E.G.A.) is characterised by fast and furious drumming, insane guitar riffs and truly sick and varying vocal performance. Although musically close to "black metal", it would be a mistake to categorize (V.E.G.A.) this way since their influences are many.


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