Victimizer - The Final Assault

Victimizer "The Final Assault" CD

Label: Hells Headbangers
Released: 2007
Style: Speed/Thrash Metal
Country: Denmark


1. Tyrants Genocide
2. Circle of Annihilation
3. Iron Cobra (Pride of the Zombie Squad)
4. Demons in the Night
5. No Escape from the Jaws of Hell
6. Pentagram Warfare
7. Beast of Slaughter
8. Running Wild in Nuclear Streets
9. Raise the Fucking Knife
10. Flamethrower Madness

Length: 41:15


Before their first and final album "The Final Assault", Victimizer released some underground demos, 7-inches and split-albums which helped to build them a respectable underground status. The music of Victimizer is pure speed/thrash attack from the eighties, a sure lesson in violence...


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