Voivod - Infini

Voivod "Infini" CD

Label: Nuclear Blast
Released: 2009
Style: Progressive Metal
Country: Canada


1. God Phones
2. From The Cave
3. Earthache
4. Global Warning
5. A Room With A V.U.
6. Destroy After Reading
7. Treasure Chase
8. Krap Radio
9. In Orbit
10. Deathproof
11. Pyramidome
12. Morpheus
13. Volcano

Length: 57:57


Not many bands deserve to be labelled "legends", but Voidod definitely is one of those bands. The 2009 album "Infini" is rumoured to be the band´s last album ever and is more than worthy farewell to the genius that was Denis "Piggy" D´Amour.


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