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Virgin Black "Elegant And Dying" CD
Label The End
Release date 2003
Style Doom/Gothic/Symphonic Metal
Country Austraalia
Price: 12.99 EUR


1. Adorned in Ashes [MySpace]
2. Velvet Tongue
3. And The Kiss of God´s Mouth Part I
4. And The Kiss of God´s Mouth Part II
5. Renaissance
6. The Everlasting
7. Cult of Crucifixion
8. Beloved
9. Our Wings Are Burning

Length: 01:14:27

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Virgin Black created waves of attention due to their unique sound of operatic and symphonic metal. The band´s 2003 album "Elegant And Dying" is even more unconventional and one of the most artistic releases to come out in this century.

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