Vermeth - Suicide Or Be Killed!

Vermeth "Suicide Or Be Killed!" CD

Label: Drakkar
Released: 2008
Style: Black Metal
Country: France


1. Intro
2. Suicide Or Be Killed
3. Ave Satanas
4. Necromancer
5. From The Depths...
6. Total Annihilation - Armageddon
7. Malediction
8. The Gates Of Chaos
9. Flame Of Hate (Torgeist cover)
10. Outro

Length: 32:06


Satanic and raw black metal from France. Beleth´Rim, the man behind Vermeth, belonged to the ranks of infamous Les Legions Noires in the nineties, being the driving force behind band called Torgeist.

Cover art by Chris Moyen.


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